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Compact desktop tympanometer
The Otowave 302 is designed for fast and accurate middle ear measurements for audiology, ENT and primary care.
Thanks to its small footprint, the device will find a place anywhere in your facility thanks to its compact size. The large clear display allows easy viewing of the results.
Our Otowave 302 includes the perfect test array to assess all ages and identify the most common middle ear pathologies; these include 226Hz (optional 1000Hz) tympanometry, ipsilateral and contralateral reflex testing.

Features you'll love
Large digital display
Compact design
226Hz probe tone
Optional 1kHz probe tone (302-H option) with admittance, susceptance and conductance measurements (YBG)
Live display
Ipsilateral and contralateral reflex frequencies (0.5, 1, 2 & 4kHz)
Enhanced mode reflex test
Auto pass/refer evaluation
Fully customisable test protocol
User selectable measurement speeds
Internal memory, connection to thermal printer and/or PC

What's included
Eartip selection box
Contralateral transducer
4x test cavities
Spare probe tips and gaskets
Carrying case
Power Supply with country adaptors
USB cable (PC connection)
ampliSuite PC software (stand-alone)
Noah impedance module
Upgrades and Accessories
Thermal printerĀ 
Ear tips
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Amplivox Otowave 302 Tympanometer