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Tiger DRS 
is a trusted, leading voice & speech therapy products and services platform designed for personal and professional use. We focus on improving speech, hearing, language, cognition, vocabulary, reading, and functional skills. Our innovative speech therapy programs provide easy accessibility from anywhere to anytime, providing anyone with the opportunity to use it. 

Our Products May Be Used By
Speech Disorders
Communication Disorders
Language Delay
Hearing Impaired
Learning Disabilities
Brain Injuries
Cerebral Palsy
Voice Practitioners
And More! 

Why Choose Tiger DRS?

Made by Professionals
Our software and products are created by professional speech therapists. 

We care about our user’s experience and constantly work towards making our products more comfortable and easy to use. 

Fun and Engaging Games 
Our programs are great for maintaining children’s attention and providing them a fun way to therapy. 

Therapy = Anytime, Anywhere 
Our Dr. Speech Online Platform can be used from the comforts of your own home to hospitals and clinics. 

Be Involved in Your Loved One’s Progress 
Allowing families to actively support and work alongside their loved ones. 

Maintain Previous Progress 
Used to maintain and build upon previous progress from therapy sessions, beyond standard available care.
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