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Nasality Visualization Suite

The Nasalance System 
The Nasal Emission System
The NVS System

Nasalance System 
Includes the Nasalance Mask Handle and the Nasalance Separator Handle 
The NAS System measures and displays an acoustically-based measure, termed Nasalance, that is related to the degree of vowel nasalization and correlates strongly with the degree of velopharyngeal closure during voiced vowels and vowel-like consonants. The NAS System was designed to make it an easy-to-use tool for displaying nasalance in both research and teaching applications. 

The NAS software can be used interchangeably with either a handle that uses the proprietary Glottal Enterprises dual-chamber circumferentially vented (CV) mask, or a Glottal Enterprises Separator Handle which uses a partition plate held against the upper lip. With all handle styles, all electronics required is contained in a rectangular box mounted on the handle, and connecting to a USB port on your computer. 
Different configurations are offered in the Product Catalog so that you can purchase the handle style that meets your needs. 

Aerodynamics Suite

Aeroview System 
Waveview System
Dual View System

Aeroview System 
The Aeroview System, comprised of both hardware and software, is compact, non-invasive, extremely accurate and capable of recording oral airflow, nasal airflow, subglottal pressure and microphone data during speech. Using those recorded signals, Aeroview software can automatically calculate syllable rate, glottal flow resistance, average subglottal pressure, oral and nasal airflow (volume and rate), pitch, vital capacity, and more. 

Subglottal Pressure Monitor Suite 
The PG-20 and PG-60 are handheld, battery-operated devices that give real-time estimates of the subglottal pressure during speech or singing. The PG-20 and PG-60 are self-contained systems – no computer or computer software is needed for their operation. The two models differ only in pressure range measured. The PG-20 measures up to 20 cm H2O and the PG-60 up to 60 cm H2O. 
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