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  • Excellent images
  • Unique digital alignment of sound, light and image.
  • perfect illumination
  • Innovative LED technology allows use of rigid and flexible endoscopes.
  • Precise Audio Capture
  • Digital frequency capture and flexible adjustment of the contact microphone result in 
  • precise audio capture.
  • Universal adaptation
  • The powerful LED light source can be connected to all common endoscope types. 
  • Versatile Solution
  • By utilizing a standard USB 2.0 port, the stroboLIGHT will function of the battery of 
  • any standard notebook.
  • Through the USB 2.0 port stroboLIGHT can be integrated into single workstations or 
  • network solutions.
  • Use of existing equipment stroboLIGHT can be used with all types of existing 
  • laryngoscopes.
  • Small and compact
  • Always "up to date"
  • The unique on-line update keeps the stroboLIGHT always up to date, regardless of 
  • computer changes or new medical developments.
  • Windows or MAC
  • Drivers for both operating systems are available: Windows and Mac
  • Suitable for all applications
  • StroboLIGHT can be used with Surface Tablet or notebook, single workstation or in 
  • network solutions, portable or cart-mounted system.
  • Extensible at any time
  • Pictures and videos can be digitalized by using our USB-Camera digiCAM in 
  • combination with our software MedicalEDA.
  • The HD workstation is the all in one High Definition System for Phoniatrics. 
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