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2 CH Auditory Brain Stim Response (ABR, ASSR)
The ideal clinical tool for recording ECochG, ABR, and more.

Easy main screen access to test settings
Quickly load your own or preset protocols
Automated impedance checking and on-screen display
New EEG display option for easy viewing of the 
patient state during testing
Great variety of options allow you to perform the tests the way you want them
Automatically arrange recordings by intensity, acquisition order, or rate
On-screen recording information

Smart Features

Change most test parameters with a single click
Set your own display scale
Easily mark waveforms using over thirty pre-defined peak labels, or create your own custom labels
View latency and amplitude of peaks directly on the waveform
Latency-Intensity graphs indicating normative data ranges are automatically generated from marked waveforms
Quickly add, subtract, invert, time shift, or cross-correlate recordings
Split-sweep view to visualize single recording repeatability
Multi-page display and reports
Easy PDF report generation
 Auto-save reports on program exit
Choose from a variety of stimuli, or generate or import your own custom stimuli

iChirpTM stimuli included

The intelligent Chirp for SmartEP and SmartEP-ASSR is included in the base package.
Broadband and narrowband (500, 1000, 2000, 4000 Hz) Improved threshold detection
Robust amplitude responses
Optimized wave V identifi cation
Optional, innovative custom chirp design utility
Beneficial for recording ABR in awake and active patients.


Full-featured screening and diagnostic Auditory Steady State Response System.
Provides quick, accurate threshold detection using automated statistical analysis
Test both ears at the same time, four frequencies per ear
iChirp (broadband & frequency specific) for robust amplitudes and harmonic component analysis for improved threshold detection and reduced test times
Automated audiogram generation in SPL and HL
Cost eff ective add-on to SmartEP

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Intelligent Hearing Systems   
​ABR/ OAE Screener
OAE (DP) Distortion Product, (TE) Transient Evoked, (SOAE) Spontaneous OAE.


Fast Screening to Full Diagnostic Distortion Product OAE
• Fast and easy test setup and data analysis using default parameters.
• Automatic probe-fit check and in-ear calibration.
• User-selectable testing parameters and stopping criteria.
• Easy-to-interpret, colorful DPgrams and detailed information for each frequency tested.
• View both right and left ear results in one color-coded, side-by-side display.
• Comprehensive data table shows detailed numeric values for all data points.
• Clear Pass or Refer indications based on user selected passing criteria.
• Optional display of normative ranges on the DPgram facilitates response analysis.
• User-customizable normative display ranges.
• Automatic saving of last test settings for easy test replication.
• Built-in scripting feature allows advanced users to define sequences of frequencies and intensities for 
automated data collection.


​A Complete Solution for Transient Evoked OAE

• Includes both Transient Evoked OAE and Spontaneous OAE acquisition modes. 
• Fast and easy test setup and data analysis using default parameters.
• Clear Pass or Refer indications based on user selected passing criteria.
• View the OAE time signal, frequency analysis, and the ear canal response.
• Move the artifact rejection level slider to block out unwanted noise contamination.
• Time-Frequency plots can be used to illustrate how the frequency composition of transient OAE responses, Noise, and  
  SNR change over time.
• Automatic probe-fit check and in-ear calibration. 
• Built-in continuous contralateral masking (requires additional transducer).
• Optional simultaneous, dual-ear testing.
• Ipsilateral masking option includes full control of suppressor level, duration, and the amount of time between the 
  masking and the stimulus signals.*, **
• Full-featured suppression analysis incorporating temporal and spectral comparison of control and suppression data.*, **
• Advanced users can change the stimulus from clicks to tones or user-defined stimulus files.

ABR / OAE Screener System 

​Easy to Use 

SmartScreener-Plus2 is the most cost-eff ective, complete, and easy to use infant hearing screener.
It is simple to operate, with step-by-step visual operator instructions.
Friendly voice prompts and alerts guide you through the screening process

• Your choice of automated ABR, OAE, or both
• Automatic Pass or Refer results
• Fast, accurate, and reliable
• Screening results in as little as two minutes for ABR, and less than a minute for OAE
• Test patients of any age
• Setup diff erent users with varying access levels
• Helpful graphics such as ABR waveform, DPGram, and frequency analysis results
• Integrated Data Back-Up utility allows for a seamless transfer of results to central databases for easy export
  to Hi*track, OZ-esp, and other databases
• Easily customize and print certifi cates, parent information letters, and medical records
• Quickly categorize and track pending and completed screenings
• Built-in System Maintenance Utility for easy system checks and automated AEP data analysis
• Documents & Videos Module can be setup as desired using user-supplied materials

Ergonomic ScreenerCart

Ideal for testing at the mother’s bedside.

• Convenient height adjustment
• Ample work surface with raised edges and document cover
• Contoured front and rear handles for easy maneuverability
• Built-in bins to store all supplies and documentation
• Easy-to-disinfect keyboard with protective cover
• Integrated keyboard and mouse surface with a keyboard light; work without waking up the baby
• Smooth, non-porous surfaces for easy cleaning, infection control, and durability
• Battery operated: test even when you have no access to an outlet
• Notebook PC & system secured in key-locked compartment
• Coiled power cord for easy cable management
• Convenient wheel locking mechanism
• Built-in isolation transformer

Baby-friendly EarHug

Designed with the baby’s comfort in mind.
• Cost-eff ective disposable ear coupler
• Special fl exible material adheres to the skin fi rmly but is gentle enough for comfortable removal
• Large adhesive surface keeps the EarHug from detaching during screening
• Comfortable design allows the baby to easily fall asleep even when lying on the EarHug

​Pediatric Visual Reinforcement Audiometry (VRA)
Video Based Visual Reinforcement Audiometry 

​Easy to Use Easy to Use Controls
• Activate video reinforcers by simply pushing a button.
• Easily change between left and right display monitors by clicking on the space bar. Or set the response box to control   
  both right and left monitors using the response box buttons.
• Quickly change the video sets by scrolling through different video playlists.

​Unlimited Reinforcer Variety
• Choose from the animated clips provided or use your own AVI or MPEG video files.
• Design multiple, personalized video playlists to keep the child’s attention.

Fast and Simple Setup

• Built-in setup tools make configuration a snap.
• Create a video playlist easily by simply selecting video clips from the drop-down list.

Smart Features

• Connect to any Windows® based computer with video playback capabilities and a free USB port.
• Multiple monitor capability for computers with additional monitor outputs.
• Dual video windows can be used for left and right operation when using dual monitors. Use a single monitor for  
  unilateral behavioral reinforcement.