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Allows the recording of eye movements with a smartphone, making the system an ideal bedside testing tool. VertiMobile® consists of three components:

» VertiMobile® Eye Movement Recording Goggles provide a secure docking station for the smartphone in front of the user‘s eyes. The goggles can be sealed completely to keep the subject from being able to fixate, while the build-in camera delivers clear video of the pupil movements.
The goggles come with comfortable padding and a head strap for secure fit.

» The VertiMobile® Smartphone app allows the user to record, save and play back video clips of eye movements.
Further, the clips can be transferred to VertiPACS® using the VertiMobile® secure data transfer function.

» VertiPACS® (optional) is the integrated software platform for all ZEHNIT vestibular products. It features eye tracking analysis, data editing, head position and report generation functions.

Using VertiMobile® system frees the user from carrying large equipment around. It‘s ideal for performing a quick gaze test or BPPV maneuver with additional recording of the eye movements. 

The ability to play back right away with the VertiMobile® app allows the operator to assess the eye movements without the need for contortions.

Recordings are linked to tasks and saved in the VertiMobile® app, after which they can be play backed or transferred to VertiPACS® for further analysis. 

The VertiMobile® system goes beyond the capabilities of the classic Frenzel goggles by remembering the head position and enabling eye tracking.
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