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The re-positioning chair Rotundum R1 is designed for research and therapeutic treatment of patients with Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV).
It is used to perform the re-positioning manoeuvres to relocate the dislodged calcium crystals (otoconia or otoliths) in the inner ear of the patient. 
The re-positioning chair can be used in combination with suitable systems for the diagnostic and therapeutic treatment.
Rotundum R1 is the result of a close collaboration between the University Hospital of Zürich, the Swiss Concussion Center, and the Swiss Engineering

High accuracy and reliability in the diagnosis and treatment of BPPV
Rotundum R1 provides roll and yaw, to be able to position the patient anywhere within 360°. The patient is comfortably secured in the seat and integrated scales and brakes ensure precise and repeatable positioning of the patient

Ergonomic design 
Regardless of patients physical stature: all fixations can be adjusted, therefore the patients comfort is guaranteed throughout all possible maneuvers. Comfort is particularly important for physically disabled or elderly patients. With the patient comfortably and securely positioned in the chair, the therapist is able to perform the necessary manoeuvres while maintaining an optimal ergonomic posture. Very little eff ort is required to turn the roll and yaw into the desired position.

Easy to assemble and disassemble
For mobile use, Rotundum R1 folds into itself for compact transport suitable for a panel van or similar sized vehicle. Ideal for providing service to patients in retirement and nursing homes.

Lightweight construction and high mobility
Rotundum R1 is made with non-scuffing integrated wheels and weighs less than 150kg (without patient). Allowing for use on most flooring and can easily be moved by a single person. This way it can be used in different treatment rooms, in lecture halls, other buildings, or stored away after use

No electrical or pneumatic drives are used in the rotary chair. The bearings used are precision ball bearings with a life time lubrication. The Rotundum R1 is CE ompliant and has been developed according to current medical device guidelines.

Due to the lightweight construction and choice of materials, the Rotundum R1 is a high quality re-positioning chair that is developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

Directives 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices
EN ISO 15223-1:2016
EN 1041:2008
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Rotundum Rotary Positioning Chair 
We help Health Professionals and Patients

For health professionals
  • Systematic work and increased quality
  • Repeatable and accurate
  • Ergonomic operation
  • No Limits in diagnostics and treatment
  • No direct physical contact with patient
  • Little training necessary
  • Less qualified personnel is enabled to safely
  • perform a predefined operation
  • Multi-room use, due to wheels
  • Easy installation ½ day
  • No maintenance
  • Light weight suitable for all floors

For patients
  • Highly effective and efficient diagnosis and treatment
  • Highly comfortable
  • Easy access to chair
  • Diagnosis and treatment at once
  • No direct physical contact with medical staff
  • Home visit possible, due to mobility
  • Safe and secure