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Speak Fluent is designed with the embedded notions of nurturing a leader in you. It is a compact and handy device which would ease out your speaking complications. Speak fluent is especially built for catering to a range of speech deficiency. It metamorphose your speaking style, revamp your attitude and transform your personality into what you always wanted to be.

Problem Targeted:
Fast rate of speech
Low loudness
Poor speech clarity
Secondary language Dis-fluency

Benefits and Features
Speak fluent nurtures individuals’ aspiration of talking like a leader. It boosts the confidence level and weeds out hesitation. It induces self-expression among peers and friends and is a key to fluency of speech. It is a beneficial device for a wide range of people. For an instance, it can help students and professionals in delivering an impressive speech; or might be a source of boosting vocal stamina for a singer. Although more, it gives yourself a confident you.

Speaking rate algorithm, Pitch calculator
Live biofeedback of speech parameter 
Rate of speech
Visual indication.  
Inbuilt white noise with speech (S/N ratio ↑↓)
Rechargeable with 3 days battery backup.
Portable, Easy user interface. 
Tracking of Assignment  

How it works
Speak fluent is a self-assistive device which can be aptly used by individuals, parents, therapist and educators to carry out an effective speech therapy. It works on the auditory processing area of the brain. It helps in rejuvenating muscles and motor neurons of the brain which improves language processing. It works on the delay auditory feedback system. It imparts the reflection of speech in terms of rate of speech, loudness and pitch which are the essential attributes of enhanced confidence and fluency of speech. 

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