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The HD workstation is the all in one High Definition System for Phoniatrics. 
The rpSzene 10.0 and its functionality is the must for any HD image analyzing and reporting.

Applications - Dysphagia Diagnostics

Dysphagie Diagnostics with rpSzene
rpSzene is the flexible system solution for the digital flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES) and offers a reliable and individually configurable documentation and evaluation platform.
In addition to classic fibre optics, rpSzene system also allow to be operated with purely digital video rhinolaryngoscopes.
Due to unique performance capabilities, intuitive operation, comprehensive personalization options and the maximum in data security, rpSzene has set new benchmarks and become the market leader in the field of video-based swallowing diagnostics.

Recording video sequences
Simple recording of video sequences with sound or single-frames by mouse click, foot switch or button on the camera head.
Full-screen display with on-screen keys during the examination.
It is optionally possible to use a second camera to record the patient externally. The external view is displayed as Picture-in-Picture inside endoscopic image. Preset options support various lenses or camera systems.

The phonetogram permits measurement and documentation of the pitch and scale of a patient's voice. This can be used for recording progress in treatment, for example. Phonetograms are saved directly under the patient's name in the rpSzene© data base.
In order to create an extensive phonetogram, five recording modes including singing, speaking or shouting phonetograms can be run through successively.
The phonetogram depicts the following data:
Loudness / Sound pressure in dBA, pitch in semitone steps as well as the duration of phonation as a colour range
Phonetogram instruments, scope and dynamism
Slope in voice range profiles
Standard phonetogram for men and women
Support in the form of a practical piano keyboard
Histogram for loudness and pitch

Applications - ENT- Phoniatrics

Through this additional function a spectrogram is displayed in video post-processing mode beneath the audio track, in which the audio signal is broken down into its individual frequencies. It is possible to adjust the configuration of the display colours.
Lip-synchronous reproduction During the development of rpSzene particular importance was placed on ensuring that the image and sound are always synchronous and reproduced precisely, just as they were recorded. Hz/dB display rpSzene facilitates measurement of the frequency and volume during the examination, and the incorporation of these values
into the live video.
Amplitude / length quotient The oscillation amplitude of the vocal folds plays an important role when assessing functional vocal disorders. However, when deciding whether the oscillation amplitude is normal, too high or too low, it is also necessary to consider this in relation to the length of the glottis. The length and oscillation amplitude of the glottis can now be used to determine the amplitude / length quotient, with which it is possible to determine the correct measure for assessing the oscillation amplitude of the vocal folds. Specifically for the purpose of phoniatrics, the rpSzene – WLQ module offers the possibility of measuring the two values from a selected image during film post-processing and determining the quotients.
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