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Compressor pump 0.9kg/cm2 ~ 5kg/cm2 
Vacuum pump(main) Negative pressure 680mmHg 
Vacuum pump(sub) Negative pressure 650mmHg 
Main suction bottle 3000cc 
Sub suction bottle 3000cc 
Clean system Air filter & Regulator 
Power Consumption 600~1140W 
Voltage 220V 
Frequency 50~60Hz 
Dimension 1950(W) x 740(D) x 860(1890H) 
Weight 210kg 
Anti-fog device 400W

Standard accessories
Straight spray QTY: 04
Suction QTY: 02
Gauze container QTY :02
Waste receptacle QTY: 02
Medicine bottle QTY: 10
Instrument tray Round QTY: 07
Anti-Fog device QTY: 01
Rotation keyboard table QTY: 01 
Illumination light QTY: 01

① endoscope light source(integration) Easy to regulation Light source guide lines
② computer setting box
③ medicine bottle tray 10pcs medicine bottle hold
④ Anti-Fog Device
⑤ main button(with light source) Easy to operating device
⑥ endoscope UV sterilizer system Drawer Endoscope UV sterilizer
⑦ spray UV sterilizer system / "Spray" ultraviolet sterilizer
⑧ keyboard holder / Rotation keyboard holder
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